Sunday, May 31, 2009

Smart Grid Introduction

What is Smart Grid?

Smart Grid - An energy grid that uses advance digital technologies, which will increase the energy reliability, save energy and cost, and will allow greater consumer participation. The grid will changed from its present centralized model to decentralized model in which consumer can be energy receiver, supplier, and producer. Smart Grid is an umbrella term, which is used for combination of technologies, approaches, and processes. According to Department of Energy (DOE), USA, the grid will have following characteristics.

DOE Identified characteristics

"Informed, involved, and active consumers - demand response and distributed energy resources."

"Many distributed energy resources with plug-and-play convenience focus on renewable"

"Mature, well-integrated wholesale markets, growth of new electricity markets for consumers"

"Power quality is a priority with a variety of quality/price options - rapid resolution of issues"

"Greatly expanded data acquisition of grid parameters - focus on prevention, minimizing impact to consumers"

"Automatically detects and responds to problems - focus on prevention, minimizing impact to consumer"

"Resilient to attack and natural disasters with rapid restoration capabilities"