Saturday, August 29, 2009

Indian Energy Scenario

India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world cloaking an average annual growth rate of 7%+ for last 6 years. Simultaneously, the current Indian population at 1.1 Billion is growing at the rate of 1.4 % annually, and it is estimated that India will be the largest populated country by 2050 AD. Energy is the most critical resource for human development and growth.At present, India is unable to meet the existing need of energy to her inhabitants. Though electricity is available to 80% of the population, It is irregular and insufficient.The power interruption is a chronic problem with on average 17 power-cuts per month to manufacturing sector alone. The total installed capacity is 1,50,323.41 MW as of 2009 data published by Ministry of power on its website. However, it is way shorter than the present need and requires enormous investment to meet the existing and future need of the growing population and economy.

This indicates that India is in dire need of Energy. New power plants are being built and more will require however, it want suffice the growing need. Because Indian transmission and distribution losses are amongst the highest in the world amounting 26% of the production. If non-technical losses like theft are included into total, it is around 50%, hence the total effective distribution is only 75161.703 MW out of  150323.41 MW generated capacity.

Thus, India needs smart grid technology more than any other country, which if conservatively can reduce the losses to 20% then it will provide enormous boost to growth. Numerous energy efficiency initiatives have been adopted by the government and Energy distribution companies, however none will be complete without Smart grid technology.