Friday, April 22, 2011

The 10 Smart grid YouTube video worth watching

With Smart Grid taking center stage on most media platform including YouTube, SmartGridIndia has selected 10 most interesting Smart Grid videos from Youtube that are worth watching. Check out this 10 videos!

1) Smart Grid Intelligent Energy use - One of the earliest video about Smart Grid introduction

2) How Smart Grid will power electric cars by Siemens

3) A completed Smart Grid demonstration video by KEPCO

4) How Smart Grid improves reliability through Virtual Power Plant by EPRI

5) The working of Smart Grid and its benefits

 6) The complete understanding of Smart Grid by GE

7) Smart Grid informative video by Cisco

8) Microgrid and the role of storage by AltairNano

9) Smart Grid Pilot video by AEP

10) Working of Smart Grid - Simple way

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alstom planning Smart Grid business in India

Alstom, the global leader in power generation, transport infrastructure, and transmission is planning Smart Grid equipment business in India.India's ambitious plan for renewable energy in the coming years, its insatiable energy needs for growth, and the smart grid adoption plan are the key factors for Alstom's plan to focus on Smart Grid equipment business in India. The company is exploring collaboration options with Schneider Electric for the same. While visiting India,Patrick Kron, chairman and CEO Alstom quoted, “As share of renewable power generation capacity increases in India, there is strong focus on network management. In coming years, there will be massive demand for grid optimization in India. We are currently talking to Schneider Electric to explore what we can do." Alstom and Schneider has complementary strengths as Alstom has expertise in high voltage power distribution and transmission whereas,  Schneider has in medium voltage echoed, Mr.Kron.

With 93,000 employees, €23 billion revenue, and presence in 70 countries, Alstom has strong focus in Smart grid segment. It smart grid solutions products are geared towards power electronics, control room information technology, and automation controls for bringing reliability and stability, integrating renewable energy, and improving high energy efficiency.The company is engaged in 13 Smart Grid pilots (3 finalized, 10 under negotiation) in leading Smart Grid countries and is also developing Smart Grid partner ecosystems with complimentary strengths.

Source : Financial Express

Sunday, April 3, 2011

India Smart Grid Task Force Website Launched

Sam Pitroda, the Chairman of India Smart Grid Task Force and adviser to  Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovaiton recently launched India Smart Grid Task Force Website. The website will provide information about ISGTF functions, tasks of the working group, methodology for selecting Smart Grid Pilots, Power to rural areas and reliability & loss reduction and theft control, data gathering and analysis, distributed generation & renewable, physical and cyber security, and standards and spectrum.

The website has link for each working groups and list of members associated with each working group. The drafts prepared by each working groups will be available for suggestion to world dignitaries once its approved for public launch. General public can provide Smart Grid suggestion at While launching the website, Mr. Pitroda stated, "authenticated users can get access to document management system, collaborative working on same files, team discussions, blog sites, shared calendar, send email to working group members, manage meetings, scheduling and compare reports etc." At this occasion, Joint Secretary, Devender Singh, Power Ministry and senior official from ISGTF were also present. ISGTF has constituted five core working groups to deliberate on various aspects for preparing the road map of Smart Grid in the country. 

   Group                     Purpose                                         Chair                     Co-Chair

Working Group 1
The group will deliberate on methodology for selecting pilots, pilot locations, outcomes, processes, matrices and evaluation


Working Group 2
The group will focus on loss reduction and theft control including data gathering and analytics, reliability & quality of power to urban areas
Working Group 3
The group will focus on access of power to rural areas
Chairperson, CEA

Working Group 4
The group will focus on distributed generation and renewable.

Working Group 5
The group will focus on physical security, standards and spectrum
DG, BEE and

About Smart Grid Task Force
The Smart Grid Task Force (ISGTF) was constituted under the Chairmanship of Shri Sam Pitroda, Adviser to Prime Minister, Government of India on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation. The Smart Grid Task Force is an inter ministerial group and serves as Government’s focal point for activities related to “Smart Grid”.  The main functions of the Smart Grid Task Force to ensure awareness, coordination and integration of the diverse activities related to smart Grid technologies, practices and services for Smart Grid Research and Development; Co-ordinate and integrate other relevant inter governmental activities; Collaborate on interoperability frame work; Review and validate the recommendations from India Smart Grid Forum etc. 
The India Smart Grid Forum is a non-profit voluntary consortium of public and private stakeholders with the prime objective of accelerating development of Smart Grid technologies in the Indian Power Sector. The goal of the Forum is to help the Indian power sector to deploy Smart Grid technologies in an efficient, cost-effective, innovative and scalable manner by bringing together all the key stakeholders and enabling technologies. The India Smart Grid Forum will coordinate and cooperate with relevant global and Indian bodies to leverage global experience and standards where available or helpful, and will highlight any gaps in the same from an Indian perspective.  The Forum will operate in a hierarchical or layered structure with different working groups focusing on different aspects of Smart Grid.  First meeting of the Forum held on 01.09.2010. Eight Working Groups dealing with the following were constituted:
1) Advanced transmission 
2) Advanced distribution 
3) Communications 
4) Metering including Interoperability standards
5) Consumption & load control
6) Policy and regulations 
7) Architecture & design incl. interoperability 
8) Smart Grid Business model

Source: Press Information Burea, Government of India
Image Courtesy : ISGTF

Friday, April 1, 2011

HCL Partners with eMeter and Tridium, Expands Smart Grid Partner Ecosystems

HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global IT services provider, today announced a significant expansion of its smart grid partner ecosystem by forging strategic alliances with two leading data management software firms focused on the smart grid market: eMeter and Tridium. The creation of smart grids includes the modernization and digitization of aging power grids.

These partnerships enable the integration of real-time data management and analytical software with HCL’s comprehensive suite of services to help utilities transform their existing infrastructure from traditional power grids to smart grids more efficiently. Additionally, the partnerships will further accelerate HCL’s strategy to become an end-to-end integration services provider to the utilities companies.According to Pike Research, the smart grid managed services market is expected to become a multi-billion dollar market by 2015.  In 2011, the market reached $821 million, a 75 percent growth rate over 2010.
"HCL has made a global commitment to utilities customers in enabling them to address their most pressing challenges by helping them assess and roll-out smart grid programmes in all the major power markets," said Rajeev Sawhney, the Global Head of Public Services for HCL Technologies. "Through the partnerships with these industry leaders, we aim to build on our domain competencies and offer best-in-class smart grid solutions that give our customer maximum value and competitive advantage.
The new HCL partnerships include:
  • Working with eMeter, a leader in energy data management, to increase the efficiency of data processing at utilities by providing a more secure, reliable distribution and consumption of energy
  • A partnership with Tridium, a global leader in open platforms, application software frameworks, automation infrastructure technology, energy management and device-to-enterprise integration solutions, to help HCL increase operational efficiency of utilities by building and automating smart energy consumption management and control systems.  Tridium’s Niagara Framework®, a software platform that integrates diverse systems and devices operates in real-time to integrate the diverse building systems of a utility to ensure environmental sustainability
“eMeter is very excited about working with HCL,” said Lisa Caswell, VP Worldwide Alliances at eMeter.  “Together we will be able to showcase the best of both firms and offer a true end-to-end smart grid solution to utilities companies in a very competitive market.”
“The Tridium Niagara Framework is an ideal development platform for HCL that will add another layer of innovation and support to their industry leading smart grid product solutions and turnkey services,” said Marc Petock, Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications, Tridium. “We look forward to helping HCL deliver next-generation smart grid services to their end customers.”
HCL’s Smart Grid Lab
Recognizing that an array of technologies are required to efficiently run a smart grid network, HCL Technologies has identified and partnered with eMeter, Tridium and other companies and is working extensively with each partner in HCL’s Smart Grid Lab.  The HCL Smart Grid Lab assists customers in developing a Smart Grid solution adoption roadmap, identification of best suited solution, collaborating with partners in testing solution models, reducing risk, and meeting time-to-market, etc.

About HCL Technologies
HCL Technologies is a leading global IT services company, working with clients in the areas that impact and redefine the core of their businesses. Since its inception into the global landscape after its IPO in 1999, HCL focuses on ‘transformational outsourcing’, underlined by innovation and value creation, and offers integrated portfolio of services including software-led IT solutions, remote infrastructure management, engineering and R&D services and BPO. HCL leverages its extensive global offshore infrastructure and network of offices in 26 countries to provide holistic, multi-service delivery in key industry verticals including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consumer Services, Public Services and Healthcare. HCL takes pride in its philosophy of ‘Employee First’ which empowers our 72,267 transformers to create a real value for the customers. HCL Technologies, along with its subsidiaries, had consolidated revenues of US$ 3.1 billion (Rs. 14,101 crores), as on 31st December 2010 (on LTM basis). For more information, please visit
About eMeter
eMeter provides essential software that enables electric, gas and water utilities to realize the full benefits of Smart Grid. Leading utilities worldwide depend on eMeter Smart Grid Management software to reduce operational costs, improve customer service, and drive energy efficiency. With the most large-scale deployments in the industry and strategic partnerships with Accenture, IBM, SAP, and Siemens, eMeter has built a reputation for unparalleled expertise that ensures customer success. Additional information about eMeter is available at
About Tridium Inc.
Tridium is the global leader in open platforms, application software frameworks, automation infrastructure technology, energy management and device-to-enterprise integration solutions. Software frameworks from Tridium extend connectivity, integration and interoperability to the millions of devices deployed in the market today and empowers manufacturers to develop intelligent equipment systems and smart devices that enable collaboration and communication between the enterprise and edge assets. Additional information about Tridium is available at

HCL Press Release