Sunday, April 3, 2011

India Smart Grid Task Force Website Launched

Sam Pitroda, the Chairman of India Smart Grid Task Force and adviser to  Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovaiton recently launched India Smart Grid Task Force Website. The website will provide information about ISGTF functions, tasks of the working group, methodology for selecting Smart Grid Pilots, Power to rural areas and reliability & loss reduction and theft control, data gathering and analysis, distributed generation & renewable, physical and cyber security, and standards and spectrum.

The website has link for each working groups and list of members associated with each working group. The drafts prepared by each working groups will be available for suggestion to world dignitaries once its approved for public launch. General public can provide Smart Grid suggestion at While launching the website, Mr. Pitroda stated, "authenticated users can get access to document management system, collaborative working on same files, team discussions, blog sites, shared calendar, send email to working group members, manage meetings, scheduling and compare reports etc." At this occasion, Joint Secretary, Devender Singh, Power Ministry and senior official from ISGTF were also present. ISGTF has constituted five core working groups to deliberate on various aspects for preparing the road map of Smart Grid in the country. 

   Group                     Purpose                                         Chair                     Co-Chair

Working Group 1
The group will deliberate on methodology for selecting pilots, pilot locations, outcomes, processes, matrices and evaluation


Working Group 2
The group will focus on loss reduction and theft control including data gathering and analytics, reliability & quality of power to urban areas
Working Group 3
The group will focus on access of power to rural areas
Chairperson, CEA

Working Group 4
The group will focus on distributed generation and renewable.

Working Group 5
The group will focus on physical security, standards and spectrum
DG, BEE and

About Smart Grid Task Force
The Smart Grid Task Force (ISGTF) was constituted under the Chairmanship of Shri Sam Pitroda, Adviser to Prime Minister, Government of India on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation. The Smart Grid Task Force is an inter ministerial group and serves as Government’s focal point for activities related to “Smart Grid”.  The main functions of the Smart Grid Task Force to ensure awareness, coordination and integration of the diverse activities related to smart Grid technologies, practices and services for Smart Grid Research and Development; Co-ordinate and integrate other relevant inter governmental activities; Collaborate on interoperability frame work; Review and validate the recommendations from India Smart Grid Forum etc. 
The India Smart Grid Forum is a non-profit voluntary consortium of public and private stakeholders with the prime objective of accelerating development of Smart Grid technologies in the Indian Power Sector. The goal of the Forum is to help the Indian power sector to deploy Smart Grid technologies in an efficient, cost-effective, innovative and scalable manner by bringing together all the key stakeholders and enabling technologies. The India Smart Grid Forum will coordinate and cooperate with relevant global and Indian bodies to leverage global experience and standards where available or helpful, and will highlight any gaps in the same from an Indian perspective.  The Forum will operate in a hierarchical or layered structure with different working groups focusing on different aspects of Smart Grid.  First meeting of the Forum held on 01.09.2010. Eight Working Groups dealing with the following were constituted:
1) Advanced transmission 
2) Advanced distribution 
3) Communications 
4) Metering including Interoperability standards
5) Consumption & load control
6) Policy and regulations 
7) Architecture & design incl. interoperability 
8) Smart Grid Business model

Source: Press Information Burea, Government of India
Image Courtesy : ISGTF

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