SmartGridIndia is an informative website/blog created to cover the smart grid development  in India and around the world. Smart Grid, which is a nebulous term for collection of technologies, is set to revolutionize the electricity industry. It is said that Smart Grid is going to be the Internet of the Electricity/Utility Industry. The website intends to provide the news, stories, unique analysis, events, jobs, and other relevant information about the Smart Grid. We encourage our readers to submit useful information so that we can better serve the Smart Grid development in India and around the world. We also welcome experts who wish to write an article on this website.


Ravinder Bhan said...


Nice to see this informative blog. Keep up the good work. I am planning to make a presentation on Smart Grids for GCC (Middle East) region, would you be able to help?


Ravinder Bhan

Please see my profile at


SMART MIND said...

Thanks for your interest. Sure, Let me know what help do you need.

Rahul Gopakumar said...

Hello, Informative blog. I am pursuing my masters too. I am at TU eindhoven,netherlands doing Sustainable Energy Technology.My plan is to specialise in Smart Grids. Looking for various topics under smart grids which could help me for my thesis ..u finished your course ??

SMART MIND said...


It is good to know that you found the website informative and also happy to know that you
are focusing on Smart Grid. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

hey i need your email id or number...need your advice

SMART MIND said...

Please write me at smartgridindia@gmail.com

Gopakumar said...

Hai, Nice to see this blog. I am a PhD scholar (NIT Trichy, India)...researching in the area of Smart grid.. I will submit you whatever useful information i have... take care.

Punit said...

Hello Mr Gopakumar,
I am a student from Manchester business school, pursuing my masters here. I would like to get your views on smart grids in india and your understanding being an customer for the same.
Could you please provide me with your email address, so that i could send you the relevant details and get your insight on this sector which you seems so genuinely gravitate with.

Many thanks,
Punit Kalani

teddyswami said...


Really interesting...Thanks for the Blog. I am from smartgrid industry and will keep visiting this for latest updates.

Thanks a lot for the service.

Wish you Good luck.

Rajeel said...

Hi friend,
My name is Rajeel. These days i was busy searching for a good topic, for creating a still model for our science fair. I chose my topic as smart grid for india and how we can conserve energy by using it. It'd be good if i can get in touch with you, so that i can learn more about smartgrid, how it can be adapted in india ? , it's advantages etc.

My mail id is rajeelkp@gmail.com

NB: It'd be good if you have any simple diagram of smart grid, which i can make a model on

smartgrid said...

You can also check cleantechgrid india

url is - http://india.cleantechgrid.com/

smart grid said...

hello everyone this is Arpit Bhugul from Pune India. We are organizing National Conference on
Innovative Smart Grid Technologies between 5th March – 7th March 2012 in association with University of Pune.
please check http://www.facebook.com/groups/smartgridconf/
send your queries to smartgridconf@gmail.com.
thank you.

Benjamin Romero said...

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