Monday, March 28, 2011

Weather Data - The next Smart Grid opportunity and other stories....

1) Weather Data Is the Next Smart Grid Opportunity
It is well known fact that increase in temperature in summer increases energy consumption.  Weather and energy has an obvious relationship, An interesting article how weather data can and will play important role in Smart Grid and thus presenting an exciting business opportunity.

2) Demand Response, Rejoice!, Negawatts Put on Equal Footing With Generation
Recently, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) amended the rules allowing demand response to receive same payment as generation.

3) 57 million Smart Meters Installed worldwide 
The total Smart Meters intallation across the globe reached 57 million a significant milestones for Smart Grid community as a whole.

4) Smart grid will enable more electric cars - Researchers
Researchers at University of Michigan suggests Electric cars will charge efficiently overnight with Smart Grid infrastructures, which will help replace petroleum based autos and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

5) How to manage two-way power flow with increase residential solar installation?
With number of residential Solar installation going up in California, managing two way power flow will become a major issue for the grid. Will Smart Grid able to manage suche diverse fluctuation in power generation and distribution?, What solutions will help overcome this gigantic challenge?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sensors to have 50% plus Smart Grid market share, and other stories

1) Smart Sensors and Devices to have 50% Smart Grid market share by 2014 

The founder editor of SmartGridNews, Jesse Berst, reported that Smart Sensors and Devices will have 50% Smart Grid market share by 2014. According to the author, the Smart Sensor represents $89.6 billion opportunity and is set to eclipse all the other Smart Grid areas. 

2) The evolution of Demand Response

The article provides information about evolution of Demand Response

3) How many Smart Meters will be deployed by 2015?

According to IDC Energy Insight, there will be half-a-billion smart meters by 2015. The smart meters adoption in US have been high recently, and the Asia-pacific primarily China and Europe will be the key drivers for the smart meters growth in next 5- 10 years. On Average, 74.6 million smart meters will be installed per year by 2015.

4) Smart Grid investment to reach $80 Billion in Europe by 2020

Europe being one of the early adopter of Smart Grid and smart meters will see $80 billion smart grid investment from 2010 - 2020 according to Pike Research.

5) Smart Grid more than Fad - Survey

A survey conducted by Microsoft reveals that 70% of respondents believes Smart Grid will help solve tomorrows challenges.