Monday, June 7, 2010

India launches Smart Grid Forum

The Government of India launched Smart Grid Forum signally its strong intention of making the grid smarter and thus joining the worldwide Smart Grid race. The Smart Grid forum is different than the Smart Grid Task force. The Forum is going to be a non-profit voluntary consortium of public and private stakeholders, research institution, and selected utilities with the objective of accelerating Smart Grid development in India.  Whereas the task force is going to be inter-ministerial group primarily focusing to ensure awareness, coordination and integration of the diverse activities related to smart Grid technologies, practices and services for Smart Grid Research and Development, Co-ordinate and integrate other relevant inter-governmental activities, Collaborate on interoperability frame work, review and validate the recommendations from India Smart Grid Forum etc.

According to Government, at this stage, following are the focus points for Smart Grid development in India.
End of Load Shedding
  • Peak load shifting through a combination of direct control and differential pricing (demand response/dynamic DSM)
Reliable Power
  •  Robust systems with self-healing capabilities; first step is improved monitoring
Cheaper power
  •   Dramatic improvement in AT&C losses ? knowing where every kWh is going in real-time
Shifting the peak away from costly power
  • Better utilization of assets
More sustainable power
  • Integration of green and renewable resources at a massive scale ? enough to increase energy independence "
Initially, India Smart Grid Forum will select member through invitation only. Power ministry will be the patron of both Smart Grid Forum and Smart Grid Task force and will select member from state power utilities, private power utilities, power sector PSUs, empanelled System Integrators, SCADA Consultants and Implementing Agencies of R-APDRP, selected educational and research institutes, NGOs, CEA, CERC, CPRI, FICCI and NASSCOM. PFC (Power finance Corporation) and REC (Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd) are the permanent invitees of Smart Grid Forum. CSTEP is going to be knowledge partner and adviser to the forum.The India Smart Grid Forum website is at early stage of development.


sanjay said...

How can indian residing abroad who are knowledgeable in smart grid implementations can help?

SMART MIND said...

Well, at this stage, you can join groups on Facebook, orkut, or Linkedin. People are discussing various aspect of Smart Grid at this groups. I presume this interaction will lead to creation of a Group on the lines of Smart Grid Consumer Coalition, or Gridpoint. Government has set up the forums and task force, but they will invite only selected entities. I am sure they might have already decided. If you wish to contribute on this blog, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

How smart grid help india to become an economic power of the world.Do we have any indigenous technology or have to depend on foreign technology to implement this.

Diac Noida said...

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