Saturday, April 17, 2010

PowerGrid focusing towards Smart Grid Infrastructure

PowerGrid, a Government of India enterprise, is one of the largest transmission utility in the world. 45% power generated in India is transmitted through PowerGrid's transmission network. PowerGrid has close to 72 000 circuit kms transmission lines. The company is focusing its effort towards Smart Grid. One of the key component of Smart Grid is going to be BPL (Broadband over Power Lines) or Internet through electricity. One will not require separate connection for accessing internet, just plug the computer to a modem which is connected to power plug and you have access to Internet. With power plug available to most of the houses in developing world, the Internet will be available to most of the people on the earth. Imagine growth and sheer possibility for Innovation and the huge Internet market. The Navaratna, PowerGrid has given 100 crore contract to BGR energy for laying 4235 km fiber optics for five northern states viz. UP, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana. The plan is to lay Overhead power ground wires (OPGW) along the transmission lines. Unlike the underground wires which are occasionally disrupted, it won't be the case for OPGW lines. PowerGrid is already using the technology for communication between their units, however laying such network across the country is a long process and will take couple of years. Nonetheless, the baby step is the beginning and it is right step towards Smart Grid development. 

Facts about PowerGrid

Power Grid owns and operate 20, 000 km telecommunication network
PowerGrid has taken up consulting assignment at Middle East and Africa
PowerGrid has 55,000($ 5.5 billion) crore investment plan during the 11th plan (2007 - 2012).
PowerGrid has been assigned by the Government of India to carry out electrification for 3500 villages.
PowerGrid is planning for FPO in september. 


subhendu said...

Informative article!!! Good to see all these developments in India towards Smart Power Grid.

swati said...

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Anonymous said...

this information is doesnt carry internet to ur home through has one company named powertel it is one of broadband service provider like bsnl,airtel.........but for this it need not lay seperate lines as it can use powergrid opgw earth and communication wire.......

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