Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interesting Smart Grid updates of the week

In the first of its kind, Smart Grid India has started covering interesting updates from across the internet-sphere for its readers. With the growth of Internet many of the important developments are happening on Blogs, Vlogs, and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Technorati, Mashups, and of course on other standard websites. More so often, when many of the information is repeated, It is hard to keep tab of important development. In this series, we intend to provide important Smart Grid Development of the week.

Published by SmartGridNews, the Pike research report reveals which areas will have higher EV Penetration in the USA in the future. published interesting article "how smart grid can resolve solar energy's cost problem". According to the report, cost and control seems to be major concern for Solar's deployment. Smart Grid, which can intelligently be used to manage the load by better prediction, distribution, and control will help solar energy maximize the resource utilization and thus will help reduce the overall cost.

Published by Greentech media, it tells how customer when faced with Outages feel optimistic about Smart Grid solutions.

 Published by IEEE, provides very interesting insight about Europe's top-level planning of Smart Grid.

Another IEEE production gives interesting information of Smart Grid Data.

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