Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eight Smart Grid Pilots to be implemented all over India

Sam Pitroda, Advisor to Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation and Chairman of India Smart Grid Task Force, recently announced at the press conference that Eight Smart Grid Pilots will be taken up in next 18 months all over India. India Smart Grid Task Force (ISGTF), Which is the government advisory task force, has suggested that Burea of Indian Standards (BIS) develop Smart Grid Standards. The working committee also suggested that more towns should be covered with metering under the Prime Minister Flagship program RAPDRP (Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reform Program), furthermore it added, low cost Smart Metering solution should be developed, so that, distribution companies can carry out 100% installation. ISGTF is working on low cost Smart Meter and during next 18 months, it will come out with preliminary frame work for Smart Grid.

Smart Grid, which is vulnerable to cyber attacks, has to be developed by considering full-proof cyber security, which required new security technologies, standards, and law. Critical cyber security assets will be identified and will audited and monitored on regular basis.
At the press release, Sam Pitroda stressed on following six points, which will be taken into consideration for Smart Grid pilots.
  • Develop an indigenous smart grid model, complete with required hardware equipments local production and skill development.
  • Focus on addressing the problem of power shortage.
  • Focus on theft prevention and loss reduction
  • Access of power to rural areas to the poor
  • Develop alternative sources of power and enhance reliability of power to urban areas
  • Affordable and sustainable power production
Out of the Eight  projects which includes automated metering, six will be smaller projects, and total of Rs. 600 crore will be utilized.

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