Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Billion Smart Meter by 2020

1) Smart Meter installation to reach 1 billion by 2020
As reported by Greenbiz, smart meters installation will rise to 963 million by 2020 thanks to China, which is aggressively pursuing Smart Meter/Smart Grid technology implementation in the country. Smart meters, which provides two-way communication between utilities and customer and helps track energy usage is going to play a significant role for emerging sectors like electric vehicles, information, energy, and buildings. 

Andres Carvallo, Executive VP of Proximity provides deep insights of his 25 yrs experience in Energy, Telecommunication, and Information Technology in the new upcoming book "The Advanced Smart Grid." It details the importance of Smart Grid, network security, interoperability, and design architecture to successfully realize the investment made in Smart Grid technologies. It is recognized the per-eminent book by industry leaders, companies like Cisco, organization like pecan streets, IDC, Global Smart Grid Federation, Utilities Telecom council,  as wells as universities like University of California, LA, University of Kansas, and University of Texas, Austin for understanding, architecting, and deploying functional Smart Grid.

3) Why PV for EV makes sense 
Recently, EV makers, GE, Mitsubishi, and Nissan made announcement about installing PVs on delearship for Customer who purchase EVs, which probably may not be financially beneficial to companies, but will definitely increase their GQ (green quotient) to environmental minded consumers. Ford went one step furthers, along with SunPower, it announced that it will provide solar roof to the consumers who buys Ford EV. Which indeed is an interesting proposition for consumers.   

4) Smart Grid to become 6.8 billion industry in Europe by 2016
Europe is set to experience considerable growth in Smart Grid development over the next five years, A recent report published by GTM predicts that the Smart Grid  market will reach over €6.8 billion by 2016. Europe is leading the Green Technology movement and is very focused in reducing carbon emission to considerable level, to meet the aggresive targets set by the countries, utilities across the region are rigorously working on implementing Smart Grid technologies. The 130 page reports provides analytical insight about technologies, economics, competition, and comparison of smart grid deployment with regions like the U.S., China, and Japan

5) Why Smart Grid Analytics are Big Deal?
According to Pike Research, Smart Grid is going to generate petabytes of data, these huge tsunami of data will need to be analyze in order extract useful information from the energy exchange and usage. Pike Research predicts this will create market worth of $11.6 billion by 2015. Beyond the obvious application like consumer and grid management, data analytics will create values that are yet to be discovered.

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