Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smart Grid development in Asian countries Japan and Korea

In our continuous serious of profiling the Smart Grid development in the world, we are covering Asian powerhouse Japan and Korea in this segment

Japan: The largest Asian and the third largest economy in the world is gearing up itself to transform into low-carbon economy by adopting Smart Grid technologies. Japan has set aggressive target to cut Greenhouse Gas (GHG) . The Prime Minister of Japan has committed to reduce carbon emission by 25% to pre-1990 level by 2020. In 2010, Japan invested around $849 million in Smart Grid becoming the third highest Smart Grid investment making country in the world. The government also has plan to install smart meters across the country by 2020. Just like any other country, Japan has its own priority for investing in Smart Grids. The country has reliable grid and is not planning to overhaul the grid infrastructure, its priority is to reduce carbon emission by investing in renewable energy and integrating it into the grid. Japan's core objectives are: 1) Generate more renewable energy; use it effectively by programs like demand response. 2). Develop EV charging infrastructure at parking lots, 3) Develop new services using ICT and Smart Metering technologies.

Key Developments
  • Three Smart Grid projects, 1) Remote Island Smart Grid Project 2) Smart Charge Project and 3) Smart House Project are being developed as part of the prototype for Community Grid System by Ministry of   Economy Trade and Industry (METI).
  • Under the aegis of Japan Smart Community Alliance, four working groups viz. 1) International Strategy Working Group, 2) International Standardization Working Group, 3) Roadmap Working Group, 4) Smart Housing Working Group have been established.
  • Four Cities, Toyota City, Kansai Science City, Yokohama, and Kitakyushu have pledged to reduce carbon emission up to 40% by 2030 using Smart Grid technologies.
  • Toyota, Japan Wind Development Co, Hitachi, and Panasonic Electric Works are working on Smart Grid pilot project at Rokkasho Village, Aomori Prefecture to test the grid that is completely CO2 free and dependent only on renewable energy.
  • The Smart Networks Project is aimed at developing common communications standards for Smart Grid, networked Home Appliances, and Electric Vehicles. NTT DoCoMo, NEC, Sekisui House, and NAMCO BANDAI Games are key participant for this project.
Republic of Korea (South Korea): When it comes to technology, South Korea is matching step by step with its western counterparts. The Korean government plans to invest $24 billion (27.5 trillion won) by 2030 to build Smart Grid across the nation. Korea is one of the top 5 OECD oil importer and one of the fastest growing carbon polluter in the world. However, it has made strong commitment towards environment; it is planning to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 41 million ton and oil imports by 300 million ton by 2030 through Smart Grid Initiatives. The Korean Smart Grid is a comprehensive program which includes Smart Power Grid, Smart Transportation, Smart Renewables, Smart Electricity Services, and Smart Consumers.

                                  Korea Smart Grid Vision

Key Developments
  • The Government has launched $ 65 million Smart Grid pilot project at Jeju island along with major industry players like LG, SK telecom, and KT. The project will test integrated Smart Grid for 6000 households, wind power and four different power lines and will be completed by 2013.
  • The Government of Korea and  State of Illinois, USA have inked a packet to jointly test and develop Smart Grid technologies. The Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, other local centers from Korea,Argonne National Laboratory, and Chicago University from USA will work together. 
  • Established Organization like Smart Grid Korea Association , Korea Smart Grid Institute
  •  Through National Power IT, South Korea is focusing on 10 development objectives, which will an intelligent and environment friendly electric and energy systems.
  • The country  plans to invest  approximately $24 billion ($18 billion on Smart Grid Infrastructure and $6 billion on Smart Grid ) by 2030 to achieve vision established in the Smart Grid Roadmap.

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Anonymous said...

HCL Infosystem too has implemented micro smart grid project in India successfully at Hyderabad. They are going to go aggressive about it in coming months.

REEMA said...

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SmartGridIndia said...

HCL Infosystem is one of the few early movers in this domain, they are well position to take advantage of Smart Grid growth, please email us the detail of the project, so, our readers can benefit from the information.

Thanks Reema, Readers like you motivate us to make it better

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