Thursday, March 22, 2012

The US, China, India and seven others to account for 80% of the Smart Grid Investment

According to the latest report released by Innovation Observatory, 80% of the Smart Grid Investment will be concentrated in 10 countries. It further reveals that Utilities across the world are going to spend more than $378 billion by 2030, however majority of this spending will be in the US, China, India, the Japan, Germany, Brazil, the UK, France, Spain, and South Korea. The US, which will lead the smart grid investment for next 5 (till 2016)  years is going to spend $60 billion on intelligent Smart Grid by 2030. The $60 billion investment includes communication infrastructure, grid automation, system integration, IT System and hardware, home area network, and smart meters. 

The world's most populous and the fastest growing country, China, which plans to roll-out 360 million smart meters by 2030 is going to account 25% of the all the global investment. According to report, China is going to spend close to $99 billion by that time and will overtake the US as the leading Smart Grid country by 2016. The other major countries in the list include emerging economies India and Brazil, which have plans to install over 130 million and 63 million smart meters. 

These are the countries where major action for business, technology, innovation, and skills will happen. 

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