Saturday, July 3, 2010

United states to set up International Smart Grid network

The United states is planning to establish International Smart Grid Action Network known as ISGAN in order set international standards for Smart Grid , expand its smart grid energy business, and take lead in this new emerging technology. It is expected that the US Government will make the formal announcement at the first ministerial conference on clean energy that is to be held at Washington D.C on July 19-20. The network will consist of the U.S and other countries which are yet unknown. South Korea and Italy are expected be part of the core group and Japan is also considering to join. According to Obama administration, they anticipate broad membership from the major economics like China, the European Union, India, Japan, Russia, and Brazil. China and India already are seeking collaboration with US in Smart Grid technologies. The membership is open to all national-level governments and the countries will have flexibility to participate either on all  ISGAN activities or specific activities based on their needs and interest which adds value to their Smart Grid programs.

With this collaboration, The US  wants to speed up the global smart grid development which will help reduce the carbon emission, improve energy efficiency, and will allow to increase the share of the renewable energy. The organization will collaborate with countries, International Organization for Standardization, International Energy Agency, and other relevant organization to develop plan of action for Smart Grid development and implementation. The initial expected budgets will be around $ 8 million which will be evenly divided among the participating countries. Working panels will be created for various Smart Grid Areas and their standardization. 

Smart Grid is major priority of Obama administration for which the government has already allocated and distributed around $3.4 billion in US. Various pilot projects are under development  notable among them is the world's first smart city project being implement by Xcel energy at Boulder, Co. The country is expected to reduce carbon emission by 18% by 2030 through complete implementation of Smart Grid technologies. 

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