Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Top five Smart Grid Trends and other stories

1) Research says SmartMeters safe, but many see need for more study 

Smart Meters, which like other wireless devices uses low radio frequency to transfer information, has made skeptics question how safe it is to human health, though, studies have found no evidence of its adverse impact on human health, more studies are needed to give green signal to Smart Meters.

2) Echelon based Smart Street Lighting Systems Find Success in France

Echelon's Intelligent distributed control solution that is based on Power Line Communication (PLC) technology is helping French Cities save 45% in energy consumption, a similar technology installation that is successful in china as well.

3) Electricity use due to EVs could soar by 1,700 percent by 2020

A report indicates energy usage could rise to 1700 % by 2020  from its present 146 000 MWh to 2.6 million MWh due to Electric Vehicles.

4) Top Five Smart Grid Trends

The article discusses top 5 trends in Smart Grid and what Distribution Automation, which represents $10 billion by 2015, really means

5) LEED to embrace Demand Response

 The US Green Building Council, which created the rating system LEED for Green building, is considering ways to incorporated Demand Response in LEED rating system

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