Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why IP is the right foundation for Smart Grid and other stories....

1) Why IP is the right foundation for Smart Grid?

Cisco Systems makes interesting case for adoption of IP technologies for Smart Grid. IP, which has proven, scalable, cost-effective, and interoperable communication standards for information and commercial networks around the world can serve as the foundation for Smart Grid. 

2) 10 Cities adopting Smart Grid technology in the USA

According to US News, these 10 cities are leading the Smart Grid movement in the USA. The 10 cities includes, Austin TX, Tempe AZ, Boulder CO, Fort Collins CO, Maui, Sacramento CA, San Diego CA, Washington DC, Worcester, MA and Toronto.

3)  Let's make home as smart as our cars

An interesting article published by TheEnergyCollective provides a thoughtful insight how Smart Car technologies if adopted in Smart Homes can transform our house and lives.

4) U.S. and Russia collaborating on Smart Grid efforts

The USAID alongwith DOE (Department of Energy) is expanding its international collaboration, this time partnering with Russia for energy efficiency and Smart Grid.

5) Let's Make Dumb Building Smarter

40 % of the energy and 70% electricity in the US is consumed by buildings that represents huge opportunity for energy savings resulting $30 to $50 billion in savings. Fortunately, startups like Scientific Conversion, Building IQ, Adura, and Encilium are working on this domain to tap this huge opportunity.

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