Saturday, June 25, 2011

Smart Grid marketspace heating up with recent acquisitions

Recent acquisition of Landys+Gyr by Toshiba, and of Telvent by Schneider Electric signals that Smart Grid market is gaining momentum. Though it all started in 2007,  last year and this year can be considered the peak years in terms of acquisitions, so far.Toshiba, which was not a mainstream smart grid company, after the acquisition of Swiss giant Landys +Gyr,  has become one of top Smart Grid player directly competing with GE, ABB, Siemens, and Schneider Electric.

According Pike Research, Smart Grid represents $200 billion market opportunity by 2015,  providing a lucrative business proposition for multinationals. Since 2007, more than 40 companies have been acquired or merged in North America and Europe. Apart from acquisition, companies like GE and Siemens are using Smart Grid competition to fund early startup and identify potential business ideas. Siemens started the Smart Grid competition idea this year, whereas, GE is running its ecoimagination challenge since 2010, which is set to expand in other countries like China in the coming years.

As the years roll on, Smart Grid competition will accelerate that is set to increase the acquisition and mergers activity across the globe. Early startups and new business ideas have promising future in the coming years as big fish of other domains also would like to have pie of the growing market.

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