Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Google Power Meter failed and other stories

1) Unified Security approach needed for Smart Grid - Study

The new report published by the Energy Network Association (ENA) and conducted by KEMA, urged Department of Energy and Climate Change of British Government to utilize more coherent approach for Smart Grid standards in order to effectively protect the Smart Grid assets.

2) Five reasons why Google Power Meter didn't take off?

Google Power Meter, which was launched two years ago by Google Philanthropy arm was recently shut down as it couldn't found enough usage of the service. Earth2Tech, the leading clean tech website, blamed these five reasons for the failure of the Google Power Meter.

1) Too Early
2) Opt -In, Not Opt-Out
3) Utility Friend or Foe?
4) Direct to Consumer
5) Not an energy company

3) The role of Cloud in the Smart Grid 

What role cloud computing will play in the management of Smart Grid data, The article provides perspective of various leaders, who discussed this topic at length. Smart Grid is going to add billions of devices in homes, at EV charging stations, on distribution networks, and in EV cars. The massive data generated by these  devices will need to be connected, communicated, scaled, secured, and analyzed, which seem to be better managed by two letter word "Cloud Computing"

4) Smart Meter companies joins forces, launch new advocacy group

Over the Past years, Smart Meters have received mixed response from consumers, state regulators, and public utility commissions alike. The six major manufacturers, Landys + Gyr, Itron, Elster, Echelon, GE, and Sensus,  have launched Smart Meter Manufacturer's Association (SMAA) to address the broad challenges representing the industry today. "The immediate goal or the mantra of the group will be fast and focused on Smart Metering", said SMAA president Dave Elve.

5) IBM signs Smart Grid Deals in Korea and Brazil 

IBM stuck deal with CPFL Energia in Brazil to develop communication and operational strategy to deploy
25,000 Smart Meter by 2012. In Korea, it is partnering with Korea Electric Power Company to construct "Total Operation Center", which is elaborately known as "Jeju Smart Grid Test-Be Demonstration Complex".

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