Saturday, November 12, 2011

This 5 types of energy consumers are impacting smart grid growth

1) This 5 types of energy consumers are impacting smart grid growth
Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) recently conducted telephone survey of 1200 US resident to understand the customer segmentation.  With the increase of Smart Meters and Smart Grid installation, it has become essential for utilities to understand their behavior so they can target the customer for their active participation in demand side energy management. According to SGCC, the whole group fall in five broad categories; 1) Concerned Green (31%), 2) Young America(23%),  3) Easy Street (20%), 4) DIY & Save (16%) and 5) Traditional(11%).

2) Jeju Smart Grid Pilot celebrates 2nd Anniversary
Jeju (South Korea) Smart Grid Pilot commemorated 2nd anniversary of the project by hosting a two-day event, which was attended by experts from Japan, China, and Denmark.  "The second commemoration is meaningful because we established a stronger bond with leading Smart Grid testing cities in Korea, China, and Japan,” said  Jang Won-Guk, Director of Jeju Technopark Digital Convergence Center.  Dr. Suzuki of Nagasaki EV & ITS was so impressed with the Smart Grid development in Jeju  island that he expressed keen interest of forging partnership between Nagasaki and Jeju.

3) Renewable Energy Transforming Power Grids
Speakers of Clean Energy expo Asia expressed that companies across the world are facing steep learning curve when it comes to adapting the Grid for future energy scenario especially for mixing the volatile  renewable energy. Dr Wojszczyk, global director of GE smart grid technologies section said, " Another major issue with integrating wind power into electricity grids is the limited operating capacity of wind turbines, which on average generate only 40 per cent of their maximum capacity. Transmission lines need to be built for full capacity, and grid operators need to justify their investment in the infrastructure".

4) South Korea passes smart grid network law
President Lee Myung Bak passed the legislation in a cabinet meeting today for electric-car recharging services and power distributors who will be adopting smart grid network according to ministry of knowledge and economy, thus making it a first country in the world to have smart grid law. The law will come into effect from November 25th. South Korea has pledged to reduce carbon emission by 30% from the current level by the year 2020. The fourth largest Asian economy is going to spend around $24 billion in smart grid technologies by 2030. 

5) Energy revolution necessary to meet Europe's 2050 low carbon economy
A recent report published by Oracle suggests that to achieve Europe's 2050 vision of low carbon economy, which envisions of reducing greenhouse gas emission by 80 -95% of pre 1990 level , Smart Grid development is necessary. Smart Grid will enhance energy efficiency and help manage demand side management , as well as integrated renewable and variable energy sources, thus playing critical role in achieving the goals. In 2007, European Council committed to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 20%,  increase renewable energy share by 20%, and increase energy efficiency by 20% by 2020. The 20:20:20  goals are the first step towards the larger vision of 2050. 


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