Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Smart Meters market to be worth $49 billion in emerging economies

The growth of smart meters is gaining momentum across the world. The developed economies, the USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, the UK, France, and Italy are leading the smart meters growth worldwide, however, the next stage growth is going to come from emerging economies like countries from Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. The recent report from Northeast group covers 25 such emerging countries where Smart Meters is going to become worth $27 to $49 billion markets in the coming decade. 

"Smart grid offers emerging markets a number of potential benefits. Countries can improve overall electric utility reliability, reduce electricity theft rates, manage surging demand and incorporate new sources of renewable energy. Modernizing the electricity infrastructure will be increasingly important as these economies grow quickly over the next several years. The 25 countries in the study are forecast to see average annual GDP growth of 4.3% over the next five years, compared with 1.7% in the developed world," according to Northeast Group, LLC
The 11 of the 25 countries, which includes Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Mexico, Hungary, Poland Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the United Arab Emirates, are well-positioned to implement smart meters deployment in next 1-3 years. Brazil, which is set to implement almost 65 million smart meters over  the next decade will be the biggest growth market among all the studied countries. India and China are not studied in this report. 
Key questions addressed in this report:
  • Which emerging market countries have the most developed smart grid regulatory frameworks?
  • Which emerging market countries have the potential to reap the most direct benefits from smart meter deployments?
  • Which international and local vendors are best placed to take advantage of growth in emerging markets smart grid?
  • How will regional bodies such as the EU, ASEAN, and GCC expedite deployments?
  • What other smart grid projects such as distribution automation, substation automation and home energy management are also evolving?

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Smart metering should use GIS for Maintenance Management and other loaction based functionalities.

SmartGridIndia said...

Hi Mrinal,

Thanks for your input, I think the utility will have GIS technology installed at their site to monitor the Grid Infrastructure. Smart Meters, which are located at the users site do not require GIS. However, please point out specifics if you think otherwise.

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